Software Solutions

Software Solutions

We provide exceptional technical software solutions and establishing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.

Software Engineering Services

From concept of operations, feasibility analysis, code development to implementation, TCG’s team has the experience required to develop software solutions that meets your organization’s needs.

We have a proven track record of improving operations, increasing revenue and optimizing workflows with our custom software solutions.

Custom Software Development model works best if you have a clear vision of your app and you look for a dependable partner to take care of the actual implementation. While we are able to handle the entire process by ourselves, you will still receive frequent updates on our progress. Should your plans change over time, our agile approach allows us to flexibly adapt the development process according to your new requirements.

Data Modeling, Simulation and Analytics

Making sense of large amounts of data from various sources and providing decision makers with actionable information is what we do at TCG. Our engineers are able to address the increasing demand for Big Data Analytics and Data Science services.

Our team has the experience deriving useful information from large volumes of data that is rapidly being generated for current systems, internet and social media.

We have the experience of working from conventional database systems to unstructured data gathered from web and sensor sources and social networks. We provide services needed for successful preparation, design, development and implementation of Big Data Processing and Analytics systems based on standard platforms.

We use machine learning, deep learning, and AI to build powerful software tools that let businesses deal with specific pain points. Equipped with intelligent automation, our clients achieve significant time savings and unmatched precision of analysis from a system that will use every new piece of input for continuous self-improvement.

System Engineering

Complex business operations and processes require careful and proficient systems engineering solutions. The biggest challenge is the identify the issues and real problem that need to be solved. And then design a solution that is elegant, cost sensitive and effective.

Our experience engineers have the experience to look at the complete system while designing a solution. Our solutions take into account feasibility, cost and benefit. Our teams look at the technical aspect, human factors, process engineering and optimization before designing the solution. As one of the company’s core strengths, our systems engineering skills enable us to perform all aspects of product development from conceptualization to development.

Our corporate systems engineering capability begins at the concept level, where requirements and architecture are transitioned into well thought out system designs, and then through the development and implementation, and finally, sustainment.

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