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A healthcare performance improvement company.

The Chappelle Group

The Chappelle Group (TCG) is a performance improvement firm in the healthcare industry, focused on helping clients achieve financial and operational sustainability required to meet the needs of their patient populations. Headquartered in Greenbelt, Maryland, TCG provides solutions to stakeholders globally, earning the trust of healthcare systems and providers for over 20 years.

Solutions For:

We help organizations with reimbursement challenges, patient satisfaction and healthcare industry transitions.  Our proven strategies support financial performance improvements and revenue cycle efficiency at every phase of the patient/provider interaction.

Our solutions support an integrated patient experience and drive sustainable financial performance. We help physicians and hospitals align to support coordinated care delivery and the transition to value-based care.

Our solutions help make revenue cycle management more efficient and transparent. We have a proven track record of improving operations, increasing revenue and optimizing workflows with our custom software products.


  • Clinical Integration & Physician Alignment
  • Clinical Revenue Integrity 
  • Customer Experience
    • Patient Access Services
  • Central Business Office (CBO) Partnerships
    • Denials Management
    • Small Balance Projects
    • Underpayments
    • Work Down Projects
  • End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management and Externalization
  • Financial Management & Health Plan Operations 
  • Grassroots Marketing
  • Outreach Consulting
  • RCM Leadership Coaching and Training
  • Interim Management (c-suite to staff)
  • Software Engineering
    • Data Modeling, Simulation and Analytics
    • Denials Management Tools
    • RCM Dashboards
    • Workdriver
Software Solution

Introducing Viu

The Chappelle Group

Viu, our premiere software solution, is a business intelligence and predictive analysis tool that can be used with any EHR system.  Viu provides daily RCM insight and corrective informatics on denials mitigation, claims adjudication and front-end process issues. We started as RCM operational consultants who wanted to help clients get to their issues faster and then prevent the issues from happening again.  So, instead of continuing to use other systems, we partnered with our sister company to build our own.

Smart. A proprietary algorithm produces predictive analysis which assists in forecasting RCM outcomes.

Flexible. Ability to integrate with all system platforms and act as a standalone system.

Simple. A web and app based platform with actionable and executive print ready reporting.

Secure. Designed with security in mind, we ensure your PHI data and physical infrastructure is safe throughout the network.

How We Work

Model of Excellence

The Chappelle Group


Knowing that, knowing how and knowing when . Using these three knowledge levers, our RCM SMEs are more efficient and produce greater results.


The DNA of operating at the highest level of moral and ethical standards to both external and internal stakeholders. At TCG, our commitment to this pillar is foundational and guides every decision.


A pledge to create a symbiotic relationship allowing us to become more than a partner. At TCG, we have unwavering trust in our stakeholders and their vision resulting in long standing relationships.


A true understanding of the potential success of a project. At TCG, we closely partner with stakeholders to form the best path to project success.
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The Chappelle Group
The Chappelle Group delivers the industry’s most flexible solution for measuring and managing performance. We offer integral financial and management services, and we're responsible for our process and results. We thank each client and their projects.

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