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At The Chappelle Group (TCG), we recognize the personal and professional challenges that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has created for you, our clients and other healthcare organizations. As healthcare leaders and global citizens, we must continue to work together in order to keep our communities healthy and safe. That’s why, TCG remains committed to sharing as much valuable information with our network and supporting our brave clinical and operational healthcare colleagues.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: (CMS Billing Policy Update)
As of April 1, 2020, claims will be billable for services/testing of the COVID-19. All insurances are following the CMS policies for coverage of the U0001 and U0002 Coronavirus CPT for laboratories, hospitals and physicians. CMS estimated reimbursement for these codes are as follows:

  • Physician CPT U0001 – $35.92
  • Hospitals and Laboratories U0002 – $51.31
  • Co-pays and some patient responsibilities will be waived by payers
  • Payers will cover telemedicine services, including those related to COVID-19 treatment
  • Authorizations will be waived for most payers

More information can be found here on the official CDC website. If you need additional support or assistance, feel free to schedule an appointment with a TCG expert leader here. Thanks for your service to your community and the world.


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