Clinical Integration & Physician Alignment

Clinical Integration & Physician Alignment

Share actionable clinical and financial information to support care coordination, evidence-based care protocols and payment models

Clinical Integration Intelligence

The Chappelle Group

Network Development helps you take the first step towards a value-based healthcare by helping you define the investment and efforts necessary to build a clinically integrated infrastructure and the necessary capabilities to realize your network goals. We have more than 20 years of experience developing, implementing and operating a range of integrated models.

We will provide options on different network structures and formats for governance development. Once the governance is in place, we will educate and recruit the needed physicians to the network using the value proposition you have created.

Key Benefits

The Chappelle Group
• Align providers in a network
• Take the first step to value-based payments
• Create governance and establish contractual relationships
• Align quality-based incentives or payments among providers
• Implement conditions of participation for your network


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